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About Us

The Sag Harbor Group team combines over 150 years of professional experience with start-ups, Global 2000 enterprises, and the largest consulting companies.  The team has great operating and business planning experience in four continents and focus on software, telecommunications, computers, biotech, consumer electronics, financial services and the Internet.

Team Members

James S. Henry
Dan Benderly
Blanche Brann

Andres Carvallo
Christopher Herot
Eileen McGinnis
L. Scott Perry
Ed Resor
David Cohen
Santi Magazu
Eileen McKeough


James S. Henry - Managing Director
Mr. Henry is a leading management consultant, with a special emphasis on competitive technology strategies. He has served as VP Strategy, Lotus Development Corporation; Firm Economist, McKinsey & Company; and Manager, Business Development/ Chairman's Office, GE. He has managed projects on a wide variety of strategy issues for many prominent multinational companies. He is a founding partner of International Venture Partners, a direct equity investment firm based in San Paulo, Brazil.  Mr. Henry has also written extensively about business and technology issues. His articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, The Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, Manhattan Inc., Harpers, The Washington Monthly, Fortune Magazine, Business Week, Newsweek, Time Magazine, The Tax Lawyer, International Development Report, Jornal do Brasil, The Manilla Chronicle, La Nacion, and El Financiero. He is also the author of several books and anthologies. His work has taken him to many emerging markets, including Russia, China, the Philippines, South Africa, Namibia, the Sudan, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Zimbabwe and Mexico. He is an honors graduate of Harvard College (B.A., Social Studies, Phi Beta Kappa), The Harvard Law School (J.D.), The Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (M.S. Economics), and a member of the New York Bar since 1978.

Dan E. Benderly, Senior Advisor
Mr. Benderly has over 10 years of experience building telecommunications businesses around the world.  He was a co-founder and Senior Vice President, Corporate Development for Global Wireless Holdings, a start-up facilities-based wireless data operator offering business-to-business applications in Latin America and Asia.  He previously served as Director of Business Development for GTS where he managed the execution of the company’s development strategy, identifying local partners and structuring and negotiating joint ventures around the world, as well as assisting in the initial implementation of those operations. In addition, he was responsible for obtaining substantial project financing commitments from major international financial institutions for GTS’ local telecommunications operations.  Prior to GTS, he served in the volunteer MBA Enterprise Corps, assisting a locally owned Hungarian start-up telecommunications company, where he succeeded in bringing the first commercial VSAT satellite services to Central and Eastern Europe.  Mr. Benderly holds a B.E. degree in Engineering from Cooper Union and an M.B.A. from Columbia University.

Blanche Brann - Senior Advisor
For the past decade Blanche has specialized in strategy and business development with software, IT, and Internet technology companies. Most recently, as Director, Strategy and Alliances, AT&T Solutions, she focused on building alliances with key players in e-commerce, Internet design, and Internet infrastructure. Prior to joining AT&T Solutions, Blanche was a Solutions Alliance Manager for Advanced Network Services, later acquired by Worldcom, where she was in charge of relationships with many new Internet services companies.

Andres Carvallo - Senior Advisor
Mr. Carvallo is the former chairman and CEO of Agea Corporation, an enterprise wireless applications software company funded by Sun Microsystems.  Before Agea, Mr. Carvallo was EVP/COO at iMark.com, a B2B exchange which sold to FreeMarkets in 2000 (NASDAQ: FMKT).  Prior to iMark.com, Mr. Carvallo was Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Tycho Networks, a tier-one ISP/CLEC offering voice and data services which sold to DSL.net in 1999 (NASDAQ: DSLN).  Before Tycho, Mr. Carvallo was a president of Phillips Electronics' $2.5 billion Wireless Division which designed, made and commercialized PCS and cellular phones and pagers.  Prior to Phillips, Mr. Carvallo was a general manager for the $1.5 Billion Personal Computer Business Unit at Digital Equipment Corporation, which sold to Compaq Computer in 1998 for $8 billion. Before Digital, Mr. Carvallo was a general manager for international operations at Borland; and a regional manager and a product  manager at the Santa Cruz Operation.  Mr. Carvallo started his career as a product manager for Windows and MS-DOS at Microsoft.  Mr. Carvallo studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Kansas, Advanced Management at Stanford University, and Total Quality Management at Wharton.

Christopher Herot - Senior Advisor
Christopher Herot is Chairman and Founder of MessageMachines, which develops software to route messages among all types of wired and wireless real-time communication devices, systems and protocols. Mr. Herot has over twenty years of software engineering and management experience, most of it in the fields of multimedia communications. Before founding MessageMachines, Mr. Herot was Senior Director of the Mobile Communications Group at Lotus Development  (now a division of IBM), where he was responsible for the development and realization of Lotus’ Pervasive Computing strategy.  Prior to that assignment, Mr. Herot was Director of Advanced Technology for Lotus’s Communications Product Division, where he developed a suite of products to incorporate new data types into Lotus Notes, including voice, fax, and video.  Prior to Lotus, Mr. Herot held a number of executive positions in computer software companies in the Boston area, including Vice President of Product Development at Bitstream, Vice President of Engineering at Javelin Software, and Director of Human-Computer Interfaces at Computer Corporation of America. Mr. Herot has MS and BS degrees from the MIT and was on the faculty group that became the MIT Media Laboratory.

Eileen McGinnis - Senior Advisor
Ms. McGinnis specializes in networking and Internet communications software, software engineering management, and e-commerce strategies. With more that 25 years of experience, she has brought many products to market, specializing since 1989 in emerging, network-enabled, technologies. She has served a VP Engineering- Electric Communities, Engineering Director-Sun Microsystems for the Advanced Products, Digital Media and Telephony Groups, Business Development Director – Sun Microsystems, Senior Manager for Graphics Software Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard, Researcher in Video Enhanced Graphics/HD Video at Hewlett Packard Labs, and Technical Manager, Government Systems, GTE Sylvania. At SHG, she recently led a major design and customer value project for a leading international telecommunications company’s Internet services group. She has led the development of e-commerce business plans for several startups, including a cable TV channel and a group-ware start-up.   Ms. McGinnis has been a speaker at many software industry events, such as Java 1, and SIGGraph. Her international experience includes working closely with customers such as NTT and Siemens and she led the US negotiating team to ISO JTC1/SC24 WG2 for 3D computer graphics, successfully producing 3 international standards spearheaded by the US. She is a graduate of Tulane University (B.A. Mathematics) and Stanford University (M.S. Math, M.S. Computer Sciences). She received a National Science Foundation Fellowship and was a Woodrow Wilson Graduate Fellow.

L. Scott Perry - Senior Advisor
Mr. Perry has lead in the creation and implementation of growth plans for network services companies as they migrate from classic network services to network based computing, storage, application and business process services.   He has worked with small companies to create and implement strategies that result in constructive growth for their companies, particularly in conjunction with the technology, customer, brand and financial strengths of larger companies.  His broad background includes ATT, where he was VP and corporate officer, leading Strategy/Business Development; New services Marketing and Sales over the last 12 years.   Notable achievements included leading the creation and implementation of managed services/solutions growth and organization strategy, leading the acquisition of IBM Global Network business, a $5 billion dollar transaction, including 5500 people, 2.3B in revenue and 60 global business units, leading many investments in and strategic alliances with companies to accelerate and broaden new services and new market presence, served as founding CEO of Geosphere, an IP services software platform spinout of ATT Labs, founding  the Multimedia Services Affiliate Forum to advocate common standards for IP services among service providers around the globe, and leading a 2500 person sales and technical support organization.  Prior to ATT he was an IBM senior executive, including assignments as General Manager, Academic Information Systems (an IBM independent business unit), Director of Marketing, AS400, Director of Marketing, Telecommunication Systems and other Sales and marketing leadership positions.   He is a member of the following boards of directors:  Smartserv Online, a wireless services provider,  ITAA (Information Technology Association of America)—the leading IT industry public policy advocacy group,  INEA—a private web analytics software firm, Viacore—a private supply chain services firm, and Planet Zanett—IT services industry investment bank/consolidator.   Mr. Perry graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Civil Engineering and Stanford University Business School with a MS in Management.

Ed Resor - Senior Advisor
Mr. Resor specializes in telecommunications strategy and development projects in Third World countries. A 1974 graduate of Yale (B.A., Anthropology) and a 1980 graduate of the Yale School of Management (Masters), Mr. Resor worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co. in New York from 1980 to 1985, and then served as Sudan Country Director for Safe the Children from 1986 to 1990.  Since then he has been focused on the problem of bringing appropriate telecommunications technology to developing countries, organizing a rural telecom development project in Eritrea, a bid for a nationwide cellular phone network in Haiti, and telecom companies in Somalia and Bangladesh. He has a detailed knowledge of the relevant wireless and Internet technologies, a working knowledge of English, French, Arabic, and Dinka, and has spent substantial time in more than a dozen African and Asian and Caribbean countries.

David Cohen - Technical Advisor
David has more that 16 years of software and hardware experience, with extensive work in the design and deployment of network communications software, including Lotus Notes and a variety of Web publishing products. He has been Technical Director, Sag Harbor Group; Technical Director, Premier Internet; and VP R&D, Q-Med Inc., where he supervised a staff of 20 engineers and QA specialists. He has special expertise in embedded systems and real-time DSP processing, and hold patents in the DSP hardware field. He is also experienced in Web graphics design, including “webmastery.” He is proficient in C++, Visual Basic, WindowsAPI, LotusScript, Java, Javascript, HTML, Forth, DEC hardware languages, and Intel x86 assembler language. He is a 1972 graduate of Brooklyn College.

Santi Magazu - Associate Advisor
Santi Magazu is an experienced technology consultant and project manager, and a founding partner in PortoFrance, an Internet services company based in Milan, Italy. Formerly a senior consultant with Monitor Company, he has worked extensively on projects for a variety of leading clients in the telecommunications sectors in Italy, Spain, and France. His specific industry experience includes assignments on Internet services, data transmission services, and e-commerce services. Born in Sicily, Santi graduated with honors from Politicencico di Milano, Italy, Ingegriere Gestionale, Industrial Engineering and Management, and received his M.B. A. 1996 in Programming from Insead, Fountainebleau.

Eileen McKeough - Associate Advisor
Ms. McKeough specializes in marketing and operations for telecommunications companies internationally.  She has completed major Telecom projects in four countries in Africa and Asia, helping develop an international service for the Government of Eritrea, designing a Business Development strategy to provide telephone service in rural Bangladesh, and negotiating interconnect agreements for Grameem Telecom.  Similarly, she has managed international operations for the Somali Telecom Group, establishing satellite circuits, opening traffic routes, negotiating settlement rates and managing payments, and evaluating new business opportunities. She has also evaluated marketing and operations and implemented recommendations for International Wireless in Cote d’Ivoire.  She has also evaluated telecom technologies for several developing countries to meet local geographic, social and economic needs.

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